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Get a sense of how tea is enjoyed around the world by learning about tea cultures.

The Lost High Tea Etiquette

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There’s nothing better than sitting snugly on your bed with a good book and your favorite cup of tea. But it doesn't mean you don't have to know how to drink it the proper way. Like for when the the Queen finally invites you for high tea. Luckily for you, I got you covered. Here's an infographic that could help for that fateful day. Number 2 was a bit of a shock for me!



I wish I knew who to thank for this infographic, but it seems to have originated from Catching Our Lady’s Roses.

All teas aren't made the same. Like lovers, some are bitter, some are sweet. Some are mild, some are strong. Some keep you awake, while others make you sleep. Okay, for that last bit, I hope your lover doesn't make you sleep!

Because all teas vary, their steep times vary too. So how do you know how how long to steep tea, on what temperature, and just how much to put in a cup? Well, we've made it easy for you with this ultimate guide to brewing the perfect cup of tea infographic!

Pin it, tweet it, share it with your friends, heck -- you can even print it out and put it on your kitchen!



Loose Leaf Teas vs. Filter Bag Tea

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via: Avery Segal / Freepik

Tea lovers don't need any introduction for loose leaf tea. For beginners though, it might feel the same as normal (commercial-grade filter bag) tea, but just not brewed in tea bags. Some might wonder, what difference does that make? Let me tell you now - it actually DOES make a huge difference.

A House for Tea

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california-tea-house-teacloset-constructing-spaceHave you ever wanted to have your own personal space for tea? A place to sit down and enjoy your cuppa before “officially” starting your day? Don’t we all do?


While some of us reserve a comfy couch and a side table, or a dedicated spot on the breakfast nook, Hster of Tea Closet literally has a small home for her tea collection.


It’s still a work in progress, but it’s definitely something many of us could only dream about. She’s planning on having all her tea in a small space in her garden, and will also install an outdoor sink for brewing.


Sounds like a dream! Click on the link to read more about her tea space.

Buzzfeed's Take on Making Proper British Tea

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Last week, I shared George Orwell’s essay on making a proper British tea. Well, he’s not the only one who has rules about. Apparently, it appears that a lot of British people have different ideas, and they’re all very passionate about their own methods. This is Scott Bryan of Buzzfeed’s take on the issue.

instagram.com / Via gramfeed.com

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