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Original tea recipes and garnishes for hot tea and iced tea recipe made from loose leaf tea.

Thai Tea Recipe

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Learn how to make your own Thai Tea with this easy Thai Tea recipe.

3 Must-Try Southeast Asian Tea Recipes

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Here in the Philippines, tea isn’t as popular as it is in other parts of Southeast Asia. Unless you consider instant iced tea as tea, good tea — or at the very least real tea, can mostly be found only at specialty tea shops (mostly milk tea shops and TWG) and high end restaurants. Even at high end restaurants, you’d have to ask what brand of tea they serve. AND you’d be lucky if they have anything other than Lipton!

While coffee enthusiasts can enjoy the regional coffee varieties my country has to offer (including the controversial civet coffee); tea enthusiasts are better off in other parts of Southeast Asia—where tea is very much a part of their daily lives.



Tea isn’t just for drinking, it’s for eating too. If you’re a fan of food and tea, you’ve probably heard, tasted, or cooked food with tea on it. Tea can kick any plain ol’ food into a gourmet treat that will surely leave an impression on your family and dinner guests.


Want to try it yourself? Here are 5 things you can do with tea to make the food for your next dinner party more interesting:


How to Make Iced Tea from Loose Leaf

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Loose leaf tea isn’t a very popular option among people because, well, tea bags are just a lot more convenient aren’t they? But for tea lovers like you and me, there’s no other choice out there but loose leaf. It’s fresher, it has higher quality, and it just tastes better. You get more of the tea’s antioxidants from this form too!

Cooking Scallops with Loose Leaf Oolong Tea

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oolong tea coating for scallopsIt has been a while since we discussed an article involving loose leaf tea for cooking. This time, we'll make use of Oolong tea leaves and how it adds a delicate twist to one of our favorite seafood - the scallops.

This recipe is basically about using a loose leaf Oolong as coating for our scallops. Oolong tea gives it an added flavor.


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