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some tea pearls of wisdom to enjoy and share

Tea is about meditation and mental awareness. Drinking tea can be a part of your spiritual journey.

Buy Fair Trade Tea

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Buy Fair Trade tea to take care of the organic farmers and the environment.

3 Tea Quotes to Kickstart your Week!

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Word from the wise: If you want to start your week right, start it with a good cup of tea. Why? Because tea isn't just a beverage, it's a way of life -- as illustrated by these 3 quotes from famous tea drinkers. Hope these words inspire you as you enjoy your morning cuppa!



Memory Lane: Tea with Grandma

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grandma's tea kettle

Tastes and smells have the power to transport us to other times and places. Maybe the smell of the ocean brings you back to childhood vacations, the scent of pine trees conjures up Christmas, or one bite of a melted s'more has you looking for the nearest sleeping bag to snuggle up in. Of course, tea can do this for us too, and your trip down memory lane is as easy as boiling a pot of water.

Peace Tea

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When it comes to your health, what's in your cup is a very important topic. The beverages that we take in on a day to day basis really add up and can take from or add to your life in a big way. If you're drinking 60g of sugar sodas, even if it's one a day, you'd better have a pretty good workout schedule or be blessed with a super high metabolism to keep that off your belt line. If you're having more than one soda per day, you are raising your risk of diabetes and heart disease.

On the other hand, enjoying a cup or more of tea a day can extend your life by helping eliminate cancer causing free radicals from your body. Drinking tea can also help promote healthy gums, skin, hair, weight loss.... the list goes on and on.peace tea

How to Use Tea in Meditation

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Meditation is being proclaimed by magazines, medical journals, and adherents everywhere as the Next Big Thing: a cure for stress, for headaches, for pain, even for obesity. While I'm not personally in a position to make any huge claims about meditation's efficacy as a cure for any ailment, I can certainly say that it has helped me achieve and maintain a sense of balance in my own hectic life.

tea in meditation

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