How tea can save you from stressful midterms

tea can reduce stress during testsMidterms are, once again, upon many college students across the nation and while many are grabbing coffee and energy drinks to keep them focused all through the night, I’m personally reaching for tea.

Now some of you may wonder how tea can even COMPARE to a product such as Five-Hour Energy when students are looking for that extra boost. While tea is not filled with the same caffeine that students think they are looking for, it IS filled with many values that energy drinks, soda, and coffee can’t even compare to.

Currently my top teas of choice during these next few stressful and demanding weeks are:

Herbal Tea: Now, I don’t know about you, but when I am stressed out and not getting a lot of sleep or eating as well as I can (library café food anyone?), I tend to get sick. This tea is a life and sanity saver. I drink this tea twice a day—in the morning and in the evening in addition to taking my vitamins to give myself that extra protection against germs and mental breakdowns. I recommend this tea to be the backbone to any student’s midterm/final week diet to give them an even better chance at success.

Vanilla Bean Honeybush: I have always been a lover of vanilla—no it is not the boring flavor of ice cream, it is the delicious one! I naturally had to try this tea out based on the fact that it is, well, made from vanilla beans. This all natural and antioxidant rich tea comes from the Cape Region of South Africa where it is said to help you “laugh more” and “you will look at your watch less.” Who could ask for a better remedy for headaches, deadlines, and panic-attacks?

Rooibos: While many students are wanting to jam as much information into their brains as possible, or pull an all-nighter putting the finishing touches on that paper, it’s SO important to get restful sleep. Sleeping has always been one of my biggest foes and I’m constantly struggling with it—it’s very much a love/hate relationship. During midterms and exam time I reach for this dream saver. With the peaceful and relaxing qualities of rooibos and chamomile, you can’t help but let your eyelids get droopy.

Silver Needle White Tea: My all-time favorite kind of tea. After completing that exhausting paper or conquering that grueling 200-question exam, I like to treat myself to some of the finest tea in the brew family. Not only is it’s taste smooth, exquisite and appreciated by many tea connoisseurs all over the world, but this tea is also believed to help fight against cancer. I cannot help but feel at peace and comforted while drinking this tea, which is exactly what I need after pushing myself towards that midterm finish line.

tea for focus during testsOther universal benefits of drinking tea over caffeinated drinks during tense periods:

- NO sugar: The sugar in energy drinks and soda will cause many of their users to crash.

- Little to NO caffeine: While some people need a little bit of caffeine to help put that pep in their step, there are various types of tea that can still provide that energy boost without the effects of caffeine.

- Hydration: Tea will help to keep you hydrated while energy drinks contain more elements that PREVENT hydration of the body.

- Future health: Tea has been credited with helping fight against who can tell me an energy drink or soda that has been credited with that?

Now I hope that my love for tea during midterm and finals season are beneficial for other students, but I must get back to my studies since it is that time of year. ::sigh::

So next time you need that extra OOMPH to finish that assignment, grab some tea over that Five-Hour Energy!


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