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Host a happily ever after tea party for you and your child

Capture precious moments in nature during your child's tea party.Almost every person has heard of a children's tea party. The most famous tea party of them all belongs to a girl named Alice and her band of colorful friends. And many of us may even remember a tea party or two that holds a special place in our childhood memories.

I know for me, tea parties were occasions for me to not only socialize with my friends—stuffed frogs, American Girl dolls, and the occasional human-being—but also it was a time to develop my personality and character.

Whether your child loves to "drink tea" with the fuzziest of companions or you just love to make little finger foods for your weekly neighborhood play date, tea parties are full of opportunities for growth, imagination, and learning for both parents and children!

Here a few tips for a successful and memorable children's tea party:

Finger foods are a MUST! Bread and butter go a long way with children, especially when cut out in fun shapes like stars, hearts, and flowers. The shapes not only captivate their imagination but it also shows that this occasion is a special one—not just a square sandwich, but delicate, dainty, UNIQUE sandwiches. *NOTE: Bologna can also be included in the sandwich if you want something with more substance.

Special placemats, napkins, and plates set the mood of the tea party. They can be themed or they can be traditional plates that are like "mom's best china" and are only used for special tea party occasions. *NOTE: For a fun craft idea, use white paper plates, cups, or place settings and supply the children with markers, crayons, colored pencils, or water colors and decorate the settings for their next tea party! It will give them something to do while also give them something to look forward to!

Location, location, location! Wherever there is sun, nature, or a picnic table there is a perfect setting for your child's tea party. Not only will you give your child a sense of independence by putting on the tea party, but you will also expose them to the beauty that is nature and of course, get them outdoors and away from all the electronics.

Observe and interact when prompted to. This is your child's special event and while they love you and want you around, only interact with them when prompted to—asked a question, invited to sit down with the party, or needing help with something. By taking a sit back and observe approach you are allowing your child to grow while also giving yourself a break and time for yourself.

Make it a date. If your child really enjoys tea parties, make them happen more often than not while still maintaining their "uniqueness." Especially during the warmer months, tea parties in various outdoor locations will prompt your child to enjoy the outdoors a lot more than their TV screens.

I hope these tips help you plan your child's next tea party and it is quite a successful and memorable one. If there are any other suggestions I will gladly add them!

Have a happily ever after and don't be afraid to fall down that rabbit hole..laugh


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