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Tea and the Gym Enthusiast

It is widely known that there are many health benefits to drinking tea which aids a wide variety of audience, even workout buffs.  Below are the top three reasons why gym enthusiasts should drink tea:

tea and yoga1. Tea leads to a healthy heart. Dieting and exercise are the main ways to combat heart disease. Research has suggested that tea drinking is associated with improved cardiovascular health. A Japanese population study found that tea drinking among both men and women, those who drank just over 2 cups of green tea per day reduced their risk of death from cardiovascular disease by 22-33 percent compared to those who drank less than half cup of green tea daily. Scientists associate tea drinking with reduced risk for hypertension, stroke and atherosclerosis, or hardening the arteries. Other studies suggest that tea may improve blood vessel and endothelial function and help to control blood clotting, supporting health blood flow and circulation.

 2. Tea is good for bone health. One European study found that women who drank tea actually had higher bone mineral density measurements than women who did not drink tea. Tea is a source of flouride, which supports healthy bones.

3. Tea promotes lean body mass. Studies on animals have shown that tea flavonoids help prevent excess calories from being stored as body fat while others have found that tea improves endurance during exercise. Studies have also shown that tea flavonoids increase resting energy expenditure, while increasing fat metabolism, making it easier to acheive a lean body mass.

Moreover, tea's caffeine component gives the jumpstart you need to segway right into your workout groove.


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