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Used Tea Leaves to Freshen Refrigerator

One of our customers wrote Ani to let her know that they save their used loose leaf tea leaves and use them as odor eaters for the refrigerator and shoes. I don't know about putting tea leaves in my shoes, even though I'm sure Ani would love me to, but for the refrigerator is a great idea!

tea air freshenerApparently, it doesn't matter what type of tea, but this individual claims green tea works best. Ani and I tried it with the used leaves of our Golden Monkey Paw and I have to say, it works way better than using baking soda.

The process is simple: Each time you have a cup of tea, drain the leaves very well, then save the used tea leaves on a paper towel near the window to help them dry faster. Once the tea leaves are nice and dry, put them in a glass jar without the top and put the jar in the back of your refrigerator. About half a cup of dry leaves will really freshen up the refrigerator. The tea pulls away all the different food smells, and helps keep one food's fragrance away from other foods. A light tea fragrance is also very appetizing, not that I need anymore appetite! About the time you have another 1/2 cup of dry, used tea leaves saved up, it's time to change out the natural refrigerator air freshener.

This brings up another good point. The odor absorbing qualities of tea is the main reason why it's very important to keep your unused tea in a air tight, ziplock pouch like the ones we provide with our tea. These pouches keep the tea much fresher then the tins we've tried in the past.


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