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What to do with old tea bags?

4 Other Uses for Tea

If you're like me, you've only recently made the switch from teabags to loose leaf. And, if you're really like me, you still have some tea bags left.

Following my upgrade to loose leaf tea, I can no longer enjoy anything less than fresh-brewed tea and so I've researched a couple of alternative uses for my leftover bags of dried tea. At this rate, I should finish up the stash by the wintertime ;) enjoy:

(1) Gargle the Herbal way. Let peppermint tea cool and use it as a mouthwash whenever a toothache strikes. It'll not only fresh your breath, but soothe the pain too.

(2) Put on, cool off. The tannins present in black tea can help with superficial burn injuries and sunburns. If you happen to hit the beach a couple more times before Labor Day weekend, and get sunburned, apply a cool, damp cloth soaked in tea where it hurts. Teabags seeped in the bathtub can also help if you need full-body therapy.clean windows with tea

(3) Shine on. Forget Windex, to make mirrors really sparkle brew a pot of tea, let it cool, and then use the liquid to clean your mirrors. Dampen a soft cloth, wipe it on the glass surface and buff with a soft, dry cloth for a streak-free shine like never before.

(4) All teas go Green. If you have a compost pile, why not pour a few cups of strong tea in the heap? It'll hasten decomposition and encourage bacteria to create the perfect compost.

(5) Give Your Plants a Boost. Acid-loving plants including Dogwood trees, Pieris and Gardenias get a big boost when watered with brewed tea. You can also try mixing and burying teabags around the base of the plant.


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