Fresh Mint Tea Recipe - Sun Tea

Mint is a refreshing ingredient to any drink on a melting hot day. In the category of superfoods, mint is a superstar. For centuries now, mint is known for multiple ailments: nausea, headache, acne, digestion, skincare, asthma, fresh breath and so on. It also grows bountifully in a garden patch all year long. Combine this verdant herb with black tea and you have yourself a summer power drink. mint tea recipe

Here's a mint infused sun tea recipe that will keep you cool as a cucumber all summer long!

Garden Mint Sun Tea.


5 heaping tablespoons of loose leaf black tea (Organic Darjeeling)

8 cups of filtered water

Large glass pitcher with lid

1 cup of fresh garden mint, crushed and thoroughly washed

Lemon rinds

A hot and bright sunny, summer day


Combin all ingredients in a glass pitcher and cover with the lid. Set in sun for 6 to 8 hours. Add desired sweetener if necessary.


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