Green Tea and La Loma Steps of Pasadena

We were pretty excited to try the next set of our Los Angeles 'Stair Walks' after having a lot of fun on the Los Feliz steps last weekend. Today was round two of our stair climbing - tea drinking - prepare for Mount Whitney series. This time we chose the La Loma steps of Pasadena.

I read a good article this past week in the LA Times blog about battling fat with green tea and exercise. We were glad to see studies being done on the contribution of tea and exercise to good health and staying fit. So far I haven't seen or read about pasadena_stair_walk_trail_headanyone else actually combining tea drinking and working out at the same time, but we'll let you know how it works for us. With this article fresh on my mind about green tea, we decided to pair our Jasmine Pearls green tea with today's La Loma stair walk. Again, we chilled the tea in a steel thermos overnight. The Jasmine Pearls is very good cold. You don't get the wonderful aroma of the Jasmine that you get when it's served hot, but the taste is just as great cold as it is hot.

La Loma Stair Walk View

Compared to the stair walk of Los Feliz, the Pasadena La Loma stair walk is much more like interval training with stairs going up and down in elevation versus going straight up. This walk is through a quiet Pasadena hillside neighborhood with the constant shade of pretty street trees and peek-a-boo views of the city and hillsides. It's hard to compete with the Griffith Observatory summit of last week's walk, but La Loma is a lot more private and great for a date stroll! We only came across two other groups of friends enjoying the walk and there's no traffic noise at all.

Again, the tea was a great companion to the walk. It really gives an added pick-me-up to the workout without any jitters. La Loma consists of 480 steps which we did round trip twice bringing our total step count for today to 1920 steps. While we were walking I downloaded the Trimble Outdoors hike tracker on my Blackberry, and I thought it would be fun to track the walks on the GPS maps and share them here. I tracked our last lap of the steps so you can use the map to locate the La Loma Stair Walk for yourself and see the elevation changes, distance, etc.


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