Learn How To Make Lavender Tea

Learn How To Make Lavender Tea

If you are a tea lover that occasionally loves to indulge in a cup of herbal infusion, you have probably already tried lavender tea. Even though lavender is often a part of the assortment of many online tea shops, it is still very underestimated.

Lavender is one of the most versatile plants out there. Lavender can be used for cooking, as an essential oil or for making unique tea blends that will spell-bind you with pleasant relaxing aroma. However, if you don't enjoy the scent of lavender, lavender tea might not be your cup of choice.

What are the uses of lavender tea?

Dry lavender flowers are perfect for making tea or for use in different dishes. Lavender can be used for making lavender cookies, blended with black tea for a more relaxing cup of afternoon tea, or used for making home-made body mists and hair washes. One drop of lavender oil on the pillow can be a great way of falling into sleep more easily. Lavender has been used for centuries and most commonly for headache relief, relaxation and fighting insomnia.

What countries produce lavender tea?

With vivid spacious mauve fields, France is the most famous lavender producing country. However, you can enjoy the views of beautiful lavender fields on every continent (well, except north and south pole). Lavender is popular along Mediterranean coast and widely used as local home-made herbal remedy. India, South Africa, England, Australia and Canada, all have a lavender fields.

Brewing lavender tea

Lavender tea is easy to make, but you should be careful of the steeping time. Although naturally sweet, tea can get bitter if over-steeped. One teaspoon of lavender flowers will be just right for 200 ml of boiling water. Let it steep for 5 minutes, or 10 minutes if you want to extract the most. Be aware that 10 minutes will give a more bitter tea. It goes well with honey, lemon or even milk.

Lavender tea

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If you never tried lavender tea before, give it a go. For the first time drinkers, we recommend brewing it for 5 minutes or blending with milder black tea. For a perfect cup of herbal tea, you don't even need to buy lavender, you can use your pot grown flowers.

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