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Home-made Rooibos Latte

Home-made Rooibos Latte

There are two types of people – those who like their tea pure, and those who like to experiment with adding milk or other tea condiments. Tea lattes have become the ultimate sweet indulgences, easy to make at home. The most popular home-made lattes are made with matcha or chai tea, but did you know that rooibos tea is also a great choice to make a delicious milky drink? Home-made rooibos late is very easy to make and perfect for evenings under the blanket. Even better, you can use any flavored rooibos loose leaf tea to make your own latte. My favorite choices are Gingerbread Chai and Tiramisu Rooibos.

Always use loose leaf tea for making home-made rooibos latte as the taste will be much better and stronger than those from tea bags. You will be needing a kettle, pan, milk frother, latte mug and a spoon. This recipe requires no more than 15 minutes – for heating water and milk and brewing tea.

Home-made Rooibos Latte Recipe

Use 50 ml of freshly boiled water to steep about 10 grams of rooibos tea for 8-10 minutes. Pour it into a latte mug. At this point you can add your own flavor extracts if you wish (rum, almond, vanilla, etc.) or leave it as it is for already flavored rooibos tea. Use pan to heat 250 ml of milk. Don't let it boil. Use frother to make a foam. Pour milk into brewed rooibos tea. Add honey, sugar or other sweetener. Rooibos already has a naturally sweet taste, so unless you are really into sugary drinks, no sweeteners are needed.

The more tea you use, the stronger the flavor will be. If you want to enhance your latte-making experience, buy a Japanese matcha whisk for making a unincredible smooth froth. Don't use the same whisk for preparing matcha because the bamboo will soak milky smell very easily.

Home-made Rooibos Latte(Source: Tea Chronicles ©)

Extra tip

Did you know you can make latte from almost any type of tea? Green, black, even from some oolongs. You can either use pure unflavored loose leaf tea or pick your favorite blend and get the most unique latte ever.


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