Why Choose Organic Tea


Tea is an all-around healthy beverage, everyone knows that. Whether getting your tea fix from your neighborhood grocery store or in a specialty online tea shop like California Tea House, it’s still the better option over sodas and powdered juices. But if we’re talking about drinking tea for health anyway, we might as well buy organic tea. Sure, non-organic, off-the-shelf teas are still healthy in comparison to sodas and powdered juices… But the health benefits of tea are washed out in the non-organic variation.

What is Organic Tea

“Organic” tea refers to the way tea was farmed. Basically, organic farming practices reduce pollution and encourage soil and water conservation. Farmers who grow organic teas don’t use commercial or artificial methods to fertilize the soil and control pests. Natural fertilizers are used to feed the soil and plants. And natural pest controls are used to manage pests. This is not only good for Mother Earth, it’s also good for our bodies.

Organically produced tea contain as much as 70% more antioxidants than its non-organic counterpart. This is mainly because it’s grown without a ton of chemical fertilizers and pesticides that inhibit tea’s nutritional growth. When you grow tea on organic soil, and when you cultivate tea without pesticides, the antioxidants naturally found in tea are allowed to thrive.

Not only does non-organic tea have less nutritional value, it has higher levels of the toxic metal cadmium as well. Cadmium, mind you, is present in cigarette smoke. Chronic inhalation or oral intake of cadmium can lead to kidney disease. Non-organic tea also has traces of pesticide. While all commercial-grade foods don’t have enough pesticide residue to pose a major health risk, these small residues stay within our body and could be accumulated over time.

We are exposed to different forms of unhealthy chemicals everyday — in dirty air, dirty water, and in dirty soil. Ingesting chemicals as well with the food we eat and the tea we drink poses a much greater risk to diseases. Non-organic tea isn’t exactly junk food. Drinking one today won’t kill you tomorrow. But between tea with pesticide residue and tea that has greater nutritional value, it’s really no contest! I’d always choose organic every time!



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