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5 Things You Can Do With Tea To Make Your Food More Interesting


Tea isn’t just for drinking, it’s for eating too. If you’re a fan of food and tea, you’ve probably heard, tasted, or cooked food with tea on it. Tea can kick any plain ol’ food into a gourmet treat that will surely leave an impression on your family and dinner guests.

Want to try it yourself?

Having Fun with Tea

Here are 5 things you can do with tea to make the food for your next dinner party more interesting. Want to try it yourself? First thing you need is a good loose leaf tea, and then take a look at our suggestions:

1. Use darjeeling tea as part of the salad vinaigrette

This is a very simple recipe but it made all the difference in the salad Ani threw together.

2. Infuse tea with butter

Butter that is infused with tea. Need I say more? This super easy recipe is also one of my favorites because it makes butter (which I think is awesome for making everything taste great) just a little better. You can use it as a spread on your morning toast, use it for buttered vegetables, or use it for baking even!

3. Add jasmine tea to your chicken soup broth

More complex than the two above, this chicken soup is perfect for the sniffles! The jasmine tea will add flavor to the broth that is both aromatic and earthy.

4. Smoke your meat with tea

This is a generic smoking method you can use for a variety of meats… chicken, lamb, fish… Whatever suits your boat! Personally, I think it’s best to try with chicken first!

5. Use tea as part of a dry rub on meat

This pork roast recipe uses a half ounce of loose black tea as part of a rub on pork roast. Try serving this one at a dinner party, and I bet your guests will never know just what exactly is the secret ingredient that makes your roast oh-so-tasty!

This list is ordered by the complexity of the cooking methods. If you’re interested in cooking with tea but don’t want to waste good tea on experimentation, try the first one. Once you get more comfortable, move on to the next ones on the list until you’re comfortable enough to do the pork roast.

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