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How to Make Iced Tea from Loose Leaf



Loose leaf tea isn’t a very popular option among people because, well, tea bags are just a lot more convenient aren’t they? But for tea lovers like you and me, there’s no other choice out there but loose leaf. And that goes for making iced tea as well. It’s fresher, it has higher quality, and it just tastes better. You get more of the tea’s antioxidants from this form too!

While it’s best enjoyed steaming hot, there are times when having it iced is just the better choice — like on lazy summer afternoons or to complement a spicy dish. At times like these, I get out my favorite dessert tea and get ready to prepare it iced.

Tried-and-tested Iced Tea

Here’s a very simple, tried-and-tested iced tea recipe I use:
Serves 2

1. Place two teaspoons of your preferred loose leaf tea on a small, square, and clean, canvass fabric. I recommend the Lemon Meringue Pie and Lime in the Coconut.

2. Tie opposite ends of the fabric together so that it looks like a small pouch. Drop this pouch into the water.

3. Measure 3 glasses of water and boil it. Let it boil for a few seconds, and then scoop out the tea pouch. Sieve the loose leaves if necessary. (Don’t let it boil for too long to prevent it becoming bitter.)

4. Let the tea cool for a few minutes.

5. Sweeten with half a teaspoon of honey to taste.

6. Place the tea in the fridge.

7. Drop fresh mint leaves into the pitcher before serving cold.

Try it at home and let me know what you think! Make sure to pin, tweet, or share this recipe on Pinterest, Twitter, or Facebook so can keep it handy. And let us know what are your favorite iced tea recipes!

*image via: Freepik and Pixabay



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