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Why Water Temperature is Crucial in Making Tea

Making Tea the Right Way

There are a lot of factors in making tea the right way and creating a perfect cup of tea. The age of the leaves, the processing technique, and the water temperature. Yes, the water temperature. Find out more how water temperature is one of the most important factors of brewing the perfect cup of loose leaf tea.

The taste of tea is affected by even a 15 degree difference in the temperature of the water you use. Lawrence Zhang of A Tea Addict’s Journal, explains, “The effect of cooler water is a lower extraction rate from the tea, and it also opens up the leaves slower. It means that for teas like puerh, you’re not getting everything out of it at once. This does decrease the amount of bitterness and roughness that you might get from the leaves, but it also means you’re not really tasting everything you can.”

It also affects the mouthfeel — that is, the physical sensations in the mouth — of the tea. Lawrence explains it in more detail in his blog entry here: http://www.marshaln.com/2013/03/water-temperature/

Click on the link above to find out more about how temperature affects the experience of tea!

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