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Top 3 Tea-Related Subreddits to Follow


Reddit can easily take days and days from your life without you even noticing it. It’s full of a ton of crazy and oftentimes useless stuff that sucks you right into it until...

Holy cow is it midnight already?! Yeah that about sums Reddit up.

But for the tea enthusiasts, tea lovers, tea connoisseurs, and all the other kinds of tea freaks in between, Reddit can be a gold mine of pretty pictures, resources, information, and of course, other tea-crazed individuals such as yourself.

If you’re new to the tea party and want a virtual place to hangout and discuss it as you drink your preferred cuppa, Reddit is the place to go. But which part of Reddit, you say?

Here are top three awesome places to start with:


This subreddit has over 44,000 readers that include those new to tea and those who’ve lived their life around tea. Newbies and friendly oldies alike connect to discuss all things tea -- literally anything and everything about it. (Hard sellers are unwelcome, though.)

Not sure if it’s for you? Here’s the subreddit description:

Tea! This subreddit is for discussion of beverages made from soaking Camellia sinensis leaves (or twigs) in water, and, to a lesser extent, herbal infusions, yerba mate, and other tisanes. Please do not attribute sensationalist health benefits to tea. Posts that blatantly do so may be removed for the greater good.

Recommendations are encouraged, but posts that are solely meant to advertise tea related products will be marked as spam. Be respectful to new and inexperienced /r/tea members.


If looking at pretty pictures all day is your thing, Tea Porn is for you. With over 7,000 members posting tasteful and artful photos related to tea, it’s sure to get your tea obsession fix. It’s also a good source of recipes and design ideas for tea parties.

Not sure if it’s for you? Here’s the subreddit description:

Aesthetic pictures of or including tea, tea fields, tea sets, or teatime. Recipes in the comments are encouraged! Please nothing too dark or creepy. Please don't submit links to sales or auction sites. If possible, post the photo and link the source in the comments instead.


This has the least members among the three -- with only a little about 1,700 members under it’s belt. But if you’re serious about loose leaf tea and want to consume as much kind of it from as many different places, this is the best place to go. As the title suggests, this subreddit is all about trading tea. If you just came from a trip to China and have an overstock of pu-erh from Yunnan, head on over to tea exchange and find someone who’d want to trade something for it. It’s a great way to discover new flavors and make some new friends too!

Not sure if it’s for you? Here’s the subreddit description:

the place to trade tea!

So go ahead, hop on to Reddit and follow these three subs. Just make sure you have enough willpower to tear yourself away from them!


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