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Tea - a Potential Cancer Inhibitor - Prostate Cancer

Tea - a Potential Cancer Inhibitor

In continuation to our previous blog entry regarding the latest study conducted by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, this blog post will discuss their recent findings with the polyphenol in tea still as the main subject for study.

Tea a Potential Cancer InhibitorAnother finding from the research is that tea, particularly green tea and its polyphenol contents could potentially stop the growth of certain types of cancers.

A certain study was conducted between two groups of men with prostate premalignant lesions. One group was undergoing placebo treatment while the other was into tea supplementation. After a year of observation, it has been found that 30% of the subjects undergoing placebo treatment have progressed to prostate cancer compared to only 9% from the tea-supplemented group.

The ratio from the above data may have shown significant difference in terms of figures but large scale study is yet required before a recommendation explicitly stating that green tea is a cure for prostate cancer could be announced. This, however, is a stepping stone in the field of medicine, which could serve as reference to future studies.


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