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Tenderize Meat With Tea

tenderize meat with teaIn the previous article, we've discussed how smoking meat with tea could bring our excellent and diverse flavors. To add up to the topic, we'll talk on getting tender meat cuts that simply melts in the mouth using of course, no other than tea - specifically black tea.

The best thing about this procedure is that it is easy to follow and is very doable. Just prepare your loose leaf black tea and we're all set to go.



  1. Boil a pot of water.
  2. Cool it down to warm temperature.
  3. Pour loose leaf black tea to the pot of warm water.
  4. Let the tea steep for 5 minutes.
  5. Strain the leaves off.
  6. Add the sugar and stir until it dissolves.
  7. Use tea as marinade. Add spices to meat and season as desired.

Procedure (Optional)

  1. Preheat oven to 165 degrees Celcius
  2. Cook the meat (with marinade) until tender - approximately 90 minutes.

Tea works well as meat tenderizer because of its tannin content. Black tea contains most tannin amongst all tea, evident by its dark color. This makes black tea very effective and all-natural meat tenderizer compared to other products.


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