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Remedy For Canker Sore - Black and Green Tea

Are you one of those people who've constantly been suffering mouth ulcers (canker sores)? Mouth ulcers are those white or sometimes yellow cuts that are found inside the mouth. These lesions often sit inside of the cheek, roof of the mouth, gums and on the tongue. Canker sores can occur sometimes in clusters and can take up to two weeks to heal if left unattended.

The root cause of canker sores are yet unknown, however; there is no denying that these small cuts cause extreme pain and discomfort. Fortunate enough for some, these mouth ulcers occur for only three to four times a year but for others who suffer complex canker sores, especially those who previously had them, mouth ulcers occur even more often.

Good news is that there are plenty of effective canker sore treatments available. And if you are a tea lover, well look no further. The tannin content of black tea (green tea will also do) effectively relieves inflammation and pain and speeds up the healing process.


It is fairly easy to prepare tea for canker sore remedy.

  1. If you are using tea bag, steep your tea for 2-3 minutes and set the tea bag aside. If you are using loose leaf black tea or green tea, wrap it up with a paper filter or an alternative.
  2. Steep your tea in hot water, similar as in preparing a drink.
  3. Let the tea bag/tea filter cool down to lukewarm temperature. Drain the water by pushing the bag/filter against the back of the spoon.
  4. Push the bag/filter gently against the sore for at least 20 minutes. Repeat this twice or thrice a day for speedy result.

Note that this tastes bitter but it sure offers fast relief - oftentimes within 24 hours. Meanwhile, remeber the tea you steeped earlier? Don't forget to enjoy!

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