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Tips on Preparing Tea

Tea, being one of the world's most favorite drinks, is loved by people because of its exquisite taste. While it is indeed true that tea offers the body countless health benefits, it is still the taste that established a solid following from generations to generations. With that being said, the quality of tea becomes of utmost importance. Not only because premium tea extracts the most healthy contents, but because it also brings out the finest taste.

It is therefore necessary to properly steep your tea in order to get the best brew possible. It would be a waste not to make the most out of your premium loose leaf tea. 

You may follow the tips below for a better, finer brew.

  • Use smaller teapots. Compared to larger ones, smaller teapots allow you to gain more control of the infusion. Recommended volume is no more than 300ml.
  • As much as possible, do not overboil the water as it will consume up all the oxygen in it. Warer for green tea and white tea ideally range up to 70 degrees (Celsius). Oolong tea, black tea and pu-erh tea are good up to temperatures near boiling point. 
  • Be generous with your loose leaf tea. Ideally, use 3-5 grams of loose leaf tea for a 300ml water.
  • Avoid steeping your tea for too long as it could make your tea taste bitter. Usual steeping time is 2-3 minutes.
  • For reinfusion, loose leaf tea could be infused for up to 3 times. Multiple infusions should also occur on the same day.
  • Should you need to have your tea go through the next day, make sure you completely drain the tea leaves off of water. Refrigerate the leaves but note that this can greatly affect the fragrance of your next brew as tea leaves quickly absorb scents from other items in the fridge.

But of course, brewing tea is a personal choice and just as long as you'd pleasurably indulge in your drink, everything's all good.

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