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Drinking Rooibos Tea Helps Fight Type 2 Diabetes

fight type 2 diabetes with rooibos teaSo it's not just green tea and black tea that has the potential to fight diabetes. There's also the rooibos tea, a native from South Africa. But in fact almost all types of tea have this effect on diabetes management so there's no wonder why tea has always been a part of the diabetic diet.

Traditionally, rooibos tea benefits the body by addressing medical conditions such as allergies, inflammations and skin disorders. Recently, it has also been found to aid digestion and regulate metabolism rate.

With all these benefits of rooibos tea and the fast growing cases of diabetes worldwide, researchers piqued on a study that may help diabetic patients by inducing rooibos tea in the so-called diabetes diet plan.

Partial results from a study in Australia led by Dr. Karen Bridgman, a nutritionist and naturopath, claimed that rooibos tea has potential benefits against type 2 diabetes.

Also, a study from the University of Copenhagen showed that after 4 months of consuming 25 ounces of rooibos tea daily; type 2 diabetes patients gained as significant progress in glucose tolerance and an increase in their blood's healthy fat levels. These results showed that rooibos tea can provide positive effects against this degenerative disease and may potentially have nutraceutical applications as type 2 diabetes treatment in the near future.

And what makes rooibos tea an excellent drink for the diabetic? It has this natural sweet taste, it's caffeine-free and therefore, one can enjoy a sweet, healthy cup without having to stay up late when taken at night.

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