Beauty Benefits of White Tea

White Tea BenefitsWhite tea may not be as popular as green tea and some other tea flavors but it certainly has inherited most, if not all of the tea health benefits every enthusiast enjoy. Most people might have not known that there's this magic-like benefit one could get by drinking every cup - that it helps keep one feeling young and youthful, plus the bonus of fighting off inflammatory and chronic diseases.

Anti-aging Benefits of White Tea

White tea contains very high amounts of antioxidants and very good anti-aging potentials. White tea helps retain and protect the body's protein components: collagen and elastin. Both proteins support the body's natural elasticity, and also help the lungs, arteries, ligaments and the skin to function properly. White tea prevents toxins and enzymes that break down collagen and elastin, therefore keeping the skin free from wrinkles, darkness, blemishes and dark spots.

White tea also helps keep hair healthy and strong. It helps prevent the formation of split ends, improves hair quality, making it look sleeker and moisturized.

Other White Tea Benefits

Researchers from South West London have been astounded by the effectiveness of white tea in warding off inflammations and chronic diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and certain cancers. By using just significantly small amounts of white tea, positive responses have already emerged.

White tea also contains high levels of catechins that are believed to help prevent stroke, diabetes and heart failure.

White tea might be new to your palate but this is definitely a fine drink for a good, youthful health.


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