Tea Production - Top 5 Tea Producing Countries

tea productionTea, being one of the world's most loved beverages, is not only full of healthy benefits but also of rich history. From its early beginnings sometime in the 2737 BC in China, tea has traveled a long and rich journey before earning the hearts of millions of people in the world.

Since we already know where it all began, it's time to know where these tea plants are grown in this modern time. But we're not to discuss the entire tea geography here, just the locations of the top tea suppliers of today.

Top Tea Producing Countries

The entire tea industry flourished a lot thanks to the top 5 tea suppliers of the world: China, India, Kenya, Sri Lanka and Turkey.


China is known to have been the birthplace of the tea culture. But setting the tea history aside, China is the world's leading market supplier of a wide variety of tea by far, that is, except the black tea which is seldom drank by the Chinese themselves.


Second top tea producing country is India, having some of the world's most famous tea growing regions. Producing roughly 21.93% of the world's tea supply in 2010, India used to be the leading exporter of tea before China took top spot with around 32.48% of exported tea products.


Rich in land resources, Kenya supplied approximately 8.83% of the world's tea products in 2010. Its top agricultural products are tea and coffee, with both their export quantities rising significantly in the recent years.

Sri Lanka

Earning the fourth spot is Sri Lanka, providing 6.24% of the world tea supply in 2010. Tea was first introduced in this country after being a British colony in the 19th century. Since then, their tea industry has flourished and is now renowned as one of the leading suppliers of tea in the world.


Away from Asia, the fifth in our list is Turkey. The country is popular in a wide variety of tea types and has contributed around 5.20% of the world's tea supply by 2010.

It's impressive how the tea industry evolved from its early beginnings thousands of years ago. And with a rich, exquisite taste, isn't it just amazing to experience all the tea flavors the world has to offer?


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