Coffee vs Tea - a Comparison Part I

coffee vs teaBoth coffee and tea are among the most popular drinks in the world. For all other reasons, these two have always been favored by people from different countries, different races. Science and research kept on telling us over and over the benefits of each but none could really point out which of the two is say, better. This will be a series of short articles on comparing coffee vs tea, discussing their origins, composition, health benefits and other useful information that might help us determine which really is the one.


Coffee was first discovered in Ethiopia sometime on the 9th century AD and its agriculture was said to have started in Arabia, dating back to 674 AD. Tea on the other hand was discovered far earlier than coffee sometime around 2737 BC at Yunnan Province, China. It has been told that tea was first discovered by the Chinese Emperor Shennong, who was amazed by the drink's invigorating properties.


Aside from being the world's most loved drink, the biggest similarity that links the coffee bean and tea leaf is that both are rich in caffeine. However, not many people are aware that tea leaves - that is, by dry weight, contains more caffeine than coffee. When brewed however, tea becomes more dilluted, and the quantity of caffeine significantly decreases as compared to coffee. This happens because tea is lighter than coffee and only small amounts of tea leaves are used to prepare the drink. With coffee however, one uses more of its particles to prepare the drink.


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