The Unique Health Benefits of Oolong Tea

Unlike its popular siblings Green and Black teas, Oolong tea is the quiet child sitting side by side with white tea from their parent plant camellia sinensis, where all tea comes from. The word Oolong roots from China which is originally worded as “wu long” meaning black dragon. Oolong is also known for its several health benefits. The main difference of Oolong from green or black is that it is semi-fermented.

The production of oolong requires processing the leaves directly after picking which includes wilting, bruising, oxidizing, drying and firing. First the leaves are wilted in the sun for a brief period. Then they are bruised by placing into baskets and shaken. This allows the leaves’ juices to be exposed to air, thereby starting oxidation. The leaves are then dried by spreading them out. After a period of time roughly around 2 hours, the tea is fired upon to stop fermentation. Traditionally, hot woks are used for firing, resulting in crisp and dry leaves. Peach Tree Oolong Tea

What makes Oolong tea stand out and unique from other healthy teas such as Green tea or Black tea? Here are the 5 unique health benefits of Oolong tea and reasons why you should add Oolong to your daily routine:

  1. Not only does Oolong have a rich texture and can endure multiple full-bodied steeps, it also reduces blood pressure and is a stress reliever. A 2004 study published in The Archives of Internal Medicine, had found out that those people who drink half a cup of oolong tea per day may lower their risk of high blood pressure. They further found that men and women who drank tea every day consistently for a year were less likely to develop hypertension.
  2. Another study conducted at the Japan Research Institute states that Oolong contains polyphenols which is a known effective de-stressor, which is key for a healthy heart and mind.
  3. Oolong is linked to improving eczema or atopic dermatitis. In 2000, a study conducted at the Shiga University of Medical Science in Japan found that 63% of people who drank oolong tea at least 3 times a day showed improvement within one to two weeks.
  4. Oolong is great for burning fat. A Japanese study published in the Journal of Medical Investigation in 2003 compared the fat burning rate of oolong tea with green tea and found that it has almost double the effect. It attributed oolong’s success over green tea by the double amount of polymerized polyphenols it contains. The study concluded that oolong increases energy expenditure by its polymerized polyphenols.
  5. Drinking Oolong tea reduces the risk of mortality due to Cardiovascular disease, published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health in 2011.

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