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tips for getting pregnant

Want to learn how to get pregnant? That might sound like a silly question, but if you're trying unsuccessfully, it's a very serious and emotional question. As a new mom, I am constantly reading about motherhood and child care and I recently came across a great study about the relationship of tea and pregnancy that I want to share with you. If you're looking for tips on getting pregnant, this could be the big one:

According to the latest study, you can start by drinking a cup of tea. Professor Elizabeth Hatch of Boston University studied 3,600 Danish women with an average age of 28 years for over a year. She observed that women who drank 2 cups of tea per day increased their chances of getting pregnant by 27 percent. 27% is enormous!

Interestingly enough, women who drank carbonated soda, whether regular or diet, at least two times a day actually decreased their chances of getting pregnant by 20 percent. Moreover, women who drank coffee had no effect at all.

She also cautioned that “tea is not a miracle cure to get pregnant” but “drinking two or three cups a day for anyone wishing to get pregnant will be fine.”

Prof. Hatch further noted: "Tea contains a lot of antioxidants which are very good for male and female fertility."

The study invites many questions, leaving one thirsty for more data. It was unclear what type of tea was used, if the tea was caffeinated or herbal, and how it was taken, how many cups each woman drank per day, whether the teas were hot or cold, and what region they were from. Thankfully, her research team is conducting further studies on these findings. It will come to no surprise if tea’s special antioxidant property, ECGC, which is has already been credited for combating serious severe illnesses ranging from cancer to multiple sclerosis, is responsible for this benefit. It may be safe to rule out caffeine as a factor given that coffee had no effect at all. As soon as I find out more details I will be sure to fill you in.

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      Apr 3, 2012

      oh really! Good to know. I'm emailing this to my friend right now.

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