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Green Tea Fights Lung Cancer

The health super-hero, green tea, does it again.

There are lots of studies showing the positive effects of green tea and its role in combating countless types of diseases including many forms of cancer, IBD, liver disease and it even helps lower cholesterol.  Recent medical study results were released indicating that green tea can even combat and help prevent lung cancer.  To make these findings even more compelling, the reduction in the risk of lung cancer due to drinking green tea even had this effect on cigarette smokers.

green tea lung disease

According to an article published this year in oncology and hematology journal, HemOnc Today, a study was conducted in Changhwa Christian Hospital using 170 lung cancer patients and 340 healthy, control patients, and the results were fascinating.  Individuals who drink one cup of green tea a day have a significantly reduced lung cancer risk.  This result indicates that smoking-induced pulmonary carcinogenesis may be modulated by green tea consumption.  Polyphenols in green tea can halt the growth of cancer cells.  The tests also took into account the correlation between genetic factors, cooking fumes and other pollutant exposure.

These findings don't at all mean that you can light up as long as your cup of green tea is handy, but it certainly adds to my already long list of reasons to enjoy my daily cup (or three).




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      Mar 7, 2012

      Thanks for sharing this good news about my favorite drink. I also found another article on a liver health website that talks about research that indicates green tea can help in the fight against fatty liver disease. (http://www.liversupport.com/wordpress/2009/05/green-tea-promotes-a-lean-liver/) Good reading. I just finished a cup of one of your excellent black teas, Organic Darjeeling. Really excellent stuff. Thumbs up.

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