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When a cowboy sidles up to a bar, he seldom orders a bubblegum-pink martini. Cinderella probably didn't chug beers at the prince's ball. Why not? Because many people believe that what you choose to drink says something about you. So what's your tea saying?

Truth is, I don't know. There's something oddly open-ended about a cup of tea, which can really suit anyone from sweet elderly folks to high-powered CEOs, from kiddos in shiny dress shoes to dirt-smeared laborers - and from john Wayne to a Disney princess. Though all true teas (but not tisanes) come from the same plant (Camellia sinensis), different leaf treatments and handling yield brews that range from the Zen of a fine green tea like Jasmine Pearls to the imagined classicism of Vanilla Creme Earl Grey.

Tea may almost act as a liquid Rorschach test, where nobody but the drinker knows its true meaning. A steaming cup of Organic Darjeeling may get you revved up in the morning, or it might be a warm wind-down to your day. You may indulge in Pistachio Gelato for dessert... or for breakfast. Fruity blends may strike your palate as old-fashioned flavors or as innovative creations.

Today the rain is pouring down, and I'm seeking comfort (plus a little caffeine boost) from a mug of English breakfast. It's a pretty traditional choice, which may speak to me love of routine. what are you drinking - and what do you think it says about you?


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      Mar 6, 2012

      I love this post! I'm currently drinking eggnog tea- it says I like some warmth and spice in my life!!

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