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Pondering Polar Pekoe?

Iced tea is too pure and natural a creation not to have been invented as soon as tea, ice, and hot weather crossed paths.” ~John Egerton

Most of us are familiar with at least some of the benefits of tea. It’s delicious; it’s high in antioxidants, and a great way to calm the mind and spirit. It’s soothing on a cold winter’s night, and as Richard Blechynden learned many years ago in Saint Louis, refreshing on a summer day.

Iced tea was made popular during the Saint Louis World’s Fair in 1904 (notice I did not say INVENTED). Blechynden’s plan was to give free samples of hot tea, but due to a heat wave that year fair attendees were looking for something cold to drink. He dumped ice into his blend and served iced tea instead, and it was one of the biggest hits at the fair.

It’s winter here on the Philadelphia (well sort of), yet here I am pleading the case for iced tea. Perhaps it’s my Southern ancestry, but I personally drink iced tea all year. In fact I’m drinking a glass as I type this. I don’t mean that sugar water you find in a bottle that someone waved a tea leaf over. I mean the kind that you brew, “season”, chill, and serve over ice.

Tea with Lime

I like my iced tea with a bit of a fresh citrus (unless it’s chai). For most people this is lemon, but I’ve preferred my ice tea with lime ever since I started traveling in the Caribbean.

My Favorite Iced Tea Ever…so far.

1 pot of freshly brewed black tea, still warm

Juice of one large or two small limes

Honey to taste

3 sprigs of mojito mint or 1 sprig of spearmint

I mix everything except the mint right in the pot. (Wooden spoon please!!!) Once the pot cools off, pour the tea into a pitcher and then add the mint.

*This recipe also works beautifully with green tea, just use a touch more mojito mint and be careful not to over brew-it can become bitter.

See how happy they look together?

The heart of a good iced tea is a good quality tea. You can make a great iced tea with whatever tea you like. I am looking forward to trying it out with the Lime in the Coconut blend.


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