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Tea and Revolution

Tea Revolution

When you think of your history textbook from high school, you think back on wars, bloodshed, gunpowder... and tea? Tea has been part of revolutionary movements in politics and has caused several wars over the past few centuries.

Despite its relaxing properties, tea has caused some of the largest and most widely studied conflicts in the world. The most famous instance of rebellion and tea came in 1773 with the Boston Tea Party where disgruntled Americans took our their anger on the tea tariffs by dumping all the tea from a cargo ship in to the river, creating one of the major tension sparks for the American Revolution. This action has been adapted throughout history and inspired the creation of the Tea Party, a conservative, libertarian party concerned with the government's involvement in private life.

Aside from these two obvious tea-related conflicts, tea has also started (in ways) conflicts like the First Opium War in China because it was in such high demand in Britain, causing Britain to interfere in Chinese trade to fulfill their demand. Empires in China have been overthrown because of tea trade.

Next time you pick up your cup of tea, think about everyone who has fought for their love of tea. Tea revolutionized the way cultures interact and has forever stained our history. Enjoy that tea for thought!


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