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The perfect tea mug

I've tried different tea cups, but they all seem too delicate for me. I like tea that I can breathe in as I drink it. I want to feel the steam rising off the hot liquid and accost my senses even before I take my first sip. I want to look over the rim of my cup and watch the world stop and wait while I have my tea.
That's a lot to ask for in a cup.
At a Cracker Barrel somewhere off I-95, I discovered it. My perfect cup. An extra-large, fat-handled mug emblazoned with a classic Corn Flakes box image. A mug I can happily stick my nose into and breathe in all the aromas and steam as I drink.
And so I come to my latest suggestion for a gift idea
An afternoon tea break in a box:
Get a mug or teacup you think matches your "giftee's" personality. Fill it with a sealed bag of tea you think they'd like. Add a few honey sticks and an orphan silver spoon from an old flatware set. Pick up some shortbread cookies or biscotti to compliment the tea. Lay it in a box. Tie it up with a ribbon and you have a personalized gift! Near or far, they'll think of you every time they have tea.
Do you have a favorite tea cup? Does tea taste different depending on the cup you use?
Weigh in with your comments below. I'd love to hear what you think!


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      Nov 13, 2011

      I like my big mug in the mornings and usually just continue its use into the afternoon. But when evening comes around, especially later, I like to make a pot of tea in one of my teapots and drink a few cups from one of my orphaned cups. Don't forget the infuser in your gift set!

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