Tea Time: Morning, noon and nighttime, too

Coffee's for mornings. Wine's for after 5pm. But any time can be tea time.

The variety of teas -- their origins, aromas and effects on the body and sense -- make tea the most versatile beverage on the planet. As I've mentioned in my previous post, I'm a promiscuous tea drinker -- I try everything once; twice if I like it. So to set each tea apart, I've discovered each tea has its corresponding time of day:

  • For a morning caffeine jolt, I experiment with a variety of black teas for a solid wake-up call.
  • For a non-caffeinated morning reboot, a spicy Rooibos tea does the trick.
  • Chai, especially in latte form, is a great mid-afternoon break type tea. The caffeine and spices jump start my brain cells and the milk and sugar keep me going.
  • White tea is nice for an afternoon tea, especially when blended with peach or aromatic herbs. It goes well with jam and scones.
  • With dinner, a blooming tea or strong herbal tea can compliment a meal more specifically than wine.
Do you match your tea to the time of day? Mood? Do you always drink the same type, day in and day out? Maybe it's time for a change! Try something new and tell me about it here!
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      Nov 13, 2011

      I drink black tea in the mornings, chai when it's chilly. In the afternoon, I will switch to green or white or if I think I've had too much caffeine during the day (I'm a chronic insomniac), I'll have a nice Rooibos or decaf black. Toward bedtime I switch entirely to an herbal, usually a pot of something with Valerian root. The Califirnia Tea House Bedtime Chai is nice and helps me sleep.

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