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The Clarity and Tranquility of Dragonwell

Fresh-Roasted Dragonwell Leaves
On the precipice of Halloween, southwest Georgia shows off her changing colors–the pods have fallen from almost every gum tree, and each Japanese oak seems to cling on to its last majestic leaflet, before it inevitably must tumble to the ground. And the cradling action of each leaf that falls is reflected in each cup of Dragonwell.

The young leaves seem to dance in the water as the tea steeps, gracious to unfurl all the flavor to anyone patient enough for the four minutes for this water-dance to conclude.

Four minutes.
A minute amount of time to wait for the benefits gained by brewing such a fine tea. And in this pedal-to-the-metal world, time stops while Dragonwell releases its tranquil aroma into your soul.

As you extract the leaf basket, infuser, or simply drink the brew with the leaves lying on the bottom of the glass, the scent of freshly-cut grass invites you to take the first sip.

All it takes is one sip ... wham! ... you're in paradise. In paradise unitl the last drop of Dragonwell coats your tongue, from the fourth or even fifth infusion!–all without the caffeine launch and plummet of coffee.

This tea from Hangzhou, China (Zhejiang Province) is one of the Top Ten Most Famous Green Teas of China (these can be searched for in any search engine, for those interested on the others). One of Dragonwells distinguishing features is that its young sprouts are roasted by hand–in a wok, over an open flame. And this technique is what ultimately gives the leaves their flat shape and smooth shine. How well the teamasters do their roasting also determines this tea's quality. This is no small feat. It takes over one hour to produce only one pound of tea!

Fanatic you say?

All it takes is one sip ...

The brew's color complements the Georgian landscape with its pale gold-green against the deep purple-red of the Japanese oaks.

The brew's flavor profile would seem to mimic the grassiness of the tea's aroma; however when it hits the palate, nutty, earthy notes with embrace your senses.

Dragonwell's Golden-Green Elixir Radiates Clarity and Tranquility
The brew's most comfortable at one level teaspoon per eight ounces of filtered water (even in Georgia the water should be free of all contaminants), and steeped with a water temperature of 175 degrees Fahrenheit.

As you observe the colors of fall, something profound strikes the neurons of your mind.

The Dragonwell you're sipping is making you notice the world in sharp relief. You're thinking has become clearer. And it's not an anxious, sped-up sensation, but a tranquil, eased-on experience.

And this will last you the entire day. Again, without the headaches and crash of coffee.

Do yourself a favor and check out Dragonwell. Your mind and spirit will thank you. And you'll be back for more.

All it takes is one sip ...

P.S. CaliforniaTeaHouse offers organic Dragonwell. So you can have an even deeper peace of mind, knowing that the leaves haven't been touched with any nefariious chemicals!

Drink On!

M.C. Watts



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      Oct 27, 2011

      Great review!

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