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Review - Bedtime Chai - Sleepytime Tea

Yes I'm one of those people... one of those who can't turn off their minds to get to sleep... one of those chronic insomniacs that take hours to fall asleep regardless of how tired or sleepy I am... and to top that off... I have Restless Leg Syndrome... not to mention the stress of today's economy...

silver tea tray

So... every night before I attempt to get to sleep I sit out on my front porch and have a pot... yes a pot!... of some kind of "sleep" tea or sleepy time tea.  For two nights now, I've been drinking California Tea House's Bedtime Chai II.  Although, the jury is still out on whether it will help with the RLS, I've slept better the past two nights than I have in quite a long time...

bedtime tea

It works well for me and the taste is wonderful! It is not wildly spicey like many chais. You can taste the Chamomile and Vanilla Bean and each individual spice, but the sweetness of the African Honeybush shines through! I highly recommend this tea if you have trouble sleeping... or even if you don't... It tastes that good!


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