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For my "maiden post" I thought I would tell you a bit about how I got here. I got my love for tea and all things tea from my mom. She, of course, gave me my first tea set... It was a child's set made of China, with beautiful yellow roses and gold trim. Tea parties were among the few girlie things I did as a child. I have two older brothers and was a bit (understatement) of a tom boy. I still have some of the pieces from my childhood sets, but most were broken... I retain the pieces like fragments of those memories.

Tea represents a spiritual connection with my mom. She passed away in 1993 and I still miss her terribly. In the photo above she was in her early 30s and very stylish. It was the 1960s after all! The Asian tea set was a gift from her (or to her from me, I can't really remember) when I was a teenager. We exchanged tea pots and sets as gifts for all occasions. Our favorite tea was Oolong. It was a real treat because, back then, the only place you could get it in Florida was in Asian restaurants. When I drink Oolong tea now, it tastes of my past and carries me back to sharing tea with my mom.

tea gift sets

My daughter was not into girlie things either and since she came into my life at 6 years old, many of her childhood interests were already established. Growing up in the 80s and 90s, tea and tea wares were far from her mind. Two years ago, she blessd me with a granddaughter and when she is old enough, I will give her a real China tea set. Maybe we will have a favorite tea and when she drinks it as a grown woman, it will bring to her memories of enjoying tea with me...



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      Sep 10, 2011

      Welcome to the blogger team! :)Your mother is beautiful. And she MUST have been a super stylish lady! I love those glasses!Your teasets are just stunning. You have great taste!

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