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Teach your friends and family to enjoy tea!

If your circle of family and friends is anything like mine, you are probably the only tea drinker. And there's nothing wrong with that; but, as those of us who indulge our tea practice regularly know, tea has a way of enriching one's life. It's natural to want to share the benefits once you discover them!

So, how do you encourage your friends and family to enjoy tea without being pushy or alienating them? Simple; enjoy tea with them.

Maximize the experience: make sure you choose a pretty setting for your tea-drinking escapade.

Choose a unique blend of tea that they have not had before. Plenty of people have had Lipton black tea and while there's certainly nothing wrong with it, it's not exactly the best example of the huge variety available to the tea connosseiur. Let them know their choices exceed black or green, full-caf or decaf!

Make it a ritual. Enjoy tea with your friends and family as often as you can: it's more enjoyable and easier to form a habit when one does it regularly, and in good company! Plus, who wouldn't want to spend more time with their friends and family?

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