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Creating memories, a journey through time

Close your eyes. Lift up your cup of tea, and inhale the aroma. How do you feel? Does the scent of your tea trigger a memory for you? Is it a fond one? Scientists have found that scents, can in fact trigger memory. Scent is actually the strongest sense that triggers memory. So it's no wonder that every time I have a cup of the Jasmine Pearls from CTH, I am tea memoriesoverwhelmed with peacefulness.

Twelve long years ago, I was pregnant with my first child. I was due anytime, and helping out in my parents cafe back home. As pregnant as I was, I spent a lot of time sitting in an old white rocking chair, in front of the bay windows in the cafe. I loved to sit there, watching the people go by, the snow drifting in the air. Sitting in the chair, my hand on my abundant belly, feeling hope, pride and nervous excitement. I can remember what I was wearing and what the cars looked like outside. As I sat there contemplating the wonders of my first child, the sun came out. It was snowing like a blizzard, and the sun gloriously illuminated every single snowflake. scent memoryI remember thinking, this is something I haven't seen before! An immense sense of ease, and elation overwhelmed me, bringing tears to my eyes. In that moment, that magical frame of time, I was able to capture almost every detail.

Why is this all possible? It's not because I have photographic memory, or above average memory. It's because it was the very first time I had, or smelled Jasmine tea. The aroma helped my brain bookmark the scent and the memory. It is a relatively complicated process, that involves the olfactory bulb ( our emotional brain ) and conditioned responses. None the less, the ability to pair emotions or memories with scents, can be a wonderful thing. The next time you have an important event, or special day coming up, why not try a new tea from California Tea House? A new tea, with a wonderful aroma may help you capture a wonderful memory, that will last a lifetime.


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