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Ah, late summer. Back to school sales and labor day weekend plans. Everyone tries to fit in the warm weather activities they have somehow neglected over the past few months. But there is still time to squeeze in a few more barbecues, ball games, and iced cold beverages such as...sun tea! Yes, summer provides days with the most hours of sunlight and therefore the most opportunities to brew your favorite tea utilizing those UV rays. I have found that the best leaves for sun brewing are black teas, which produce rich caramel hues as the afternoon sun does its work. Simply place the tea in a large glass container for steeping, fill with water, and place in direct sunlight for a few hours. Place the container in the refrigerator or add ice for a refreshing iced tea blend, the perfect beverage for those waning nights of porch sitting and mosquito zapping. Throw in some lemon slices or mint leaves during the brewing process to enhance sun tea's light flavor.


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