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How to select the perfect teapot

All steps of the tea drinking process should be enjoyed as much as possible. To truly appreciate the process and experience of brewing and pouring tea, a tea aficionado must have an excellent teapot.

But with so many different types of teapots and stores to browse, how is one to choose? Let me be your guide!

First and foremost, realize that in your quest for the perfect teapot, looks are important. Pick a design, style, and color that you will want to look at for the next twenty years.

Of course, it's no use buying something you would enjoy looking at for twenty years if it only lasts two. Quality is a factor here, and as is the case when you buy an appliance, you certainly get what you pay for. Use common sense and look for reviews on websites like ConsumerSearch.

Once you have narrowed down your search and chosen a contender, open the teapot and take a whiff. Does it smell like charcoal or oil? Pick another.

Finally, be sure to check the balance of your teapot. Fill it with water and attempt to pour it. The teapot should feel about evenly balanced.

Care for your teapot per the manufacturer's instructions to ensure it a long life.


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