Where to buy Gluten Free Tea

Want to know where to buy gluten free tea? It’s been sweeping the nation and today more than ever, we are seeing more and more products in stores marked “gluten free”. The way we eat and the specific way our bodies react to certain substances have developed a specific allergy, intolerance and disease to gluten. The effects gluten has on those that cannot tolerate it go from mal-absorbtion of nutrients which can lead to more serious ailments to daily headaches or stomach problems. This disease is called Celiac disease and affects 1 in 105 Americans.

Gluten is found in cereal grains, especially wheat and is the force of bread doughs, causing it to be elastic. The problem is that gluten is found in many products that naturally do not contain it, so it has become a task for those searching for gluten free products and the markets have listened by developing products, ingredients and packaging that focuses on this. California Tea House carries Certified Gluten Free products so you don’t have to worry about any gluten sneaking into your cup of tea.

When searching, look for preparations that are naturally gluten free and nutritionally beneficial. Vegetables, fruits and other products are sent to us from Mother Nature without gluten, so take advantage of them! Our tea leaves are certified gluten free, so you’ll always be certain!

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