The Most Popular Green Teas

green tea listWith the summer heat here to stay for a few more months, many people are trying to find ways to cool down with more than just water. Green tea is known for it’s health benefits and great taste, but many people don’t realize that there are many variations of green tea they can sip on in the shade.

History of Green Tea

Green tea derives from the leaves of Camellia sinensis, the same plant that also produces black tea, but the two differ in not only taste and color but also in preparation. Green tea leaves are steamed which allows the antioxidants to be drank by the consumer. Black tea is fermented in preparation.

Green tea was believed to be discovered by the Chinese and has gained popularity during the 1500s in the Western world when the Japanese began the tea trade with the United Kingdom.

Health Benefits of Green Tea

There are many different health benefits for the consumption of green tea. Whether it is in skin care products or in a drink, doctors and health fanatics can’t stop raving about green tea.

A few of the health benefits of green tea are:

  • Green tea reduces the risk of stroke.
  • The catechins in green tea may be able to stop cancer cells from growing further.
  • Green tea is helps keeps heart healthy.
  • Components in green tea help increase calorie burning – weight loss.
  • Helps curve food cravings and amount of food consumption.

green tea pricesTop Green Teas

The following is a list of the most popular green teas. There are also many other green tea choices out there as well. If you are interested in a certain type listed below, click on the name and a link will send you to California Tea House’s marketplace!

  • Sencha: The most popular type of green tea in Japan and quite possibly the most well known in the world. This tea has a acerbic taste complimented with a slender sweetness.
  • Dragon Well: The name derives from the well in China this tea was first produced in. Along with the unique name, dragon well is a brilliantly green color with a brisk flavor.
  • Matcha: A very fine ground up powdered tea, macha is whisked in preparation. Because of it’s light and sweet flavor it is also used in desserts.
  • Gunpowder: These tea leaves are rolled into tight balls that resemble old-fashioned gunpowder. Since it is rolled tightly together, this type of tea stays fresher, longer, making it a very fresh and grassy tasting green tea.
  • Jasmine: A mixture of jasmine flowers and green tea leaves, the florets providing a invigorating and pleasant fragrance and taste.
  • Genmaicha: A mixture of crisp brown rice and green tea leaves, this tea is perfect for cooler nights when you want to have something toasty.
  • Anji: Popular among new green tea fans, this variation is very fine with a subtle taste. Perfect for those who wish to steer away from that “green” taste.

There are many drink possibilities with green tea leaves and other ingredients and while one may be your favorite, it never hurts to branch out and try some other variations! While spending your summer nights at a country concert or on the back deck playing dominos, reach for a cool glass of green tea over that soda pop.


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