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Health benefits from caffeinated tea

End of semesters can be very difficult, you have to say goodbye to new friends, colleagues, and thoughtful professors. Yesterday was my last day at my internship, where I was able to work with Chinese scholars and students. It was a wonderful experience not only to improve my resume, but I was also able to learn so much about a culture different from mine.

I was very accustomed to running out to the student bookstore and grabbing a large 60-cent pop, but the faint delicious smells from my co-workers cubicles drove me to ditch my soda habit and explore the world of tea. Initially, teatime was a great way to start a conversation, but it persisted into more, and changed my life for the healthier.

Caffeine from tea is extremely beneficial to ones health. Research proves the benefits in many different areas such as cardiovascular health, different cancers, and weight loss.

I can’t say just yet if I’m any less prone to cancer than I was before switching to green tea as my go to beverage (after water of course!), but I have noticed my skin clearing up and an overall better energy to my day.

For a 20-year-old that has had too many fights with kidney stones (well, two times, but seriously if you have had them, that is two times too many!) it was about time I laid off the pop completely. With any beverage choice it is good to incorporate equal or greater parts water into your diet. Green tea is a great supplement to water because of its anti-oxidant properties, and the health benefits from caffeine.

As my old job ends, and my summer starts this new habit is definitely something I’ll be keeping up with.

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