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The Health Benefits of Ginseng

In Traditional Chinese medicine, Ginseng is one of the most used herbs. It is sometimes called an adaptogenic herb, meaning that it is claimed to be one of the best herbs for returning the body to perfect balance. it can be used by itself or in a mixture with other medicinal herbs.

Results in the clinical studies seem to vary widely. Some attribute this to there being several different types of ginseng and the various studies don't always use the same quality of the herb. When taken by itself, studies have found that ginseng has some anticarcinogenic and antioxident properties. Other studies have found that it may have anti-inflamatory properties and an effect on general quality of life. One study even showed that ginseng seemed to reduce fatigue in cancer patients. When used in mixtures with other herbs, results seem to be more conclusive (possibly due to a predetermined potency in the preparation.) The mixture called Si Jun Zi Tang, of which ginseng is the major ingredient, has been found by several studies to have a radioprotective property, helping ease the side effects of radiotherapy.

Most commonly found in a dried form, (either whole or sliced) ginseng can be found in teas as well. In my experience, it is usually mixed with a black or green tea to enhance taste. If this herb seems to be of interest to you, I encourage you to research it further and give it a try.

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