Puffy Eye Remedy

Looking for a way to relieve puffy eyes after a night of little to no sleep?tea for puffy eyes

Luckily, your used tea bags can help sooth and reduce under eye bags and dark circles.

Use a loose leaf tea pouch to brew your tea. After making your tea, take the moist tea bag and let it cool. Once the tea bag becomes cold, let the bag rest on your eyes for ten to fifteen minutes, then discard.

You might look/ feel silly, but the tea bags really do have health properties!

Only caffeinated tea bags work, and they do so because they contain an astringent called tannin. The tannin constricts your blood vessels and encourages extra liquids to flush out of your skin.

Some people prefer warm tea bags for the comfort they provide, but cold tea bags will act faster to reduce swollen under eyes.

So go on, try it! I know some days I need a way to feel a little more refreshed!


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