Want ice cream but can't handle the calories?  Tempted for a frozen yogurt but could do without the sugar?  Feel healthy and refreshed with a non-fat, yet delicious dessert: tea popsicles!   The secret to making tea popsicles is to simply double the ingredients.  Here's how: 

Ingredients:tea popsicle

1. Iced tea smoothie (recipe to follow):

2. Popsicle tray with sticks

3. Freezer

Prepare your favorite iced tea smoothie recipe, using double the ingredients. Allow the ice to melt for 20 minutes or so. Pour the mix into popsicle trays. Add the sticks. Place in freezer for at least 2 hours. 

Fruit Tea Smoothie Recipe with ingredients doubled:

1. Two heaping tablespoons of Fruity Dream herbal tisane

2. Two teaspoons of honey

3. Two cups boiled filtered water

4. Ice, cubed or crushed

5. Whipping cream 


Combine tea and honey in a teapot. Add filtered water, just below boiling temperature and steep for 4 minutes. Stir until honey dissolves.  Strain brewed tea mixture over ice in a blender. Blend to your desired thickness. Serve with whipping cream on top or a grapefruit slice garnish to really live it up. 



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