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Latest Message: 3 weeks, 5 days ago
  • Will 7:55 pm:
    You're very welcome! Very good to hear
  • anonymous 7:54 pm:
    Just want to say "Thank you!" Lovin' my tea
  • anonymous 2:42 pm:
    Pouring rain over here! Perfect time for some tea
  • anonymous 9:45 pm:
    I hope you eventually carry the SleekSteep in larger sizes. It is the best invention ever!
  • Will 11:00 pm:
    Hot tea on a cold night.. perfect!
  • anonymous 7:29 am:
  • Will 10:14 pm:
    So glad you're enjoying it!
  • anonymous 10:47 am:
    In love with your Organic Darjeeling!
  • anonymous 4:03 pm:
  • suhuben 6:05 pm:
    nice! I'm drinking Bedtime chai right now!

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