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We guarantee your unconditional satisfaction!!

We want you to be completely happy with anything you buy from us. We even let you think about it for up to 30 days.  If, for whatever reason you are not completely satisfied, just follow our simple return policy (below) to get a refund or exchange.

We can only maintain these gracious policies as long as this policy is not abused.

Return Policy

To return an item within 30 days of purchase, simply indicate the reason for your return on your invoice, include it with your return and wrap the package securely. For your protection, we recommend that you use UPS or Insured Parcel Post.

If you do not have your invoice copy, please indicate your name, address, order number and reason for the return on a separate piece of paper.

Send the return to:

California Tea House
Attn: Returns Department
18653 Ventura Blvd., Suite 119
Tarzana, CA  91356

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